White Lily Flour Review 2021

White Lily Flour

If you love homemade baked goods as I do, then you should read my article on the White Lily brand. I have been fond of baking since childhood and I can say with confidence that I have tried all brands of flour. Trust me, this is one of the most important ingredients if you want to bake a cookie or cake like the best pastry shops.

And also I can say that there are bad brands on the market that produce flour. But I have only positive impressions of the White Lily brand. Here I will tell you about 7 types of flour from this brand that will help you bake culinary masterpieces.

About White Lily Brand

This brand has delighted lovers of delicious baked goods since 1883. During this long time, the brand has learned all the intricacies of flour production and is now one of the best on the market. The most popular bakers from all over the world use this flour and create masterpieces.

Using this flour you will be able to prepare delicious and aromatic pastries that will be cooked with love. Cook cookies, bread, brownies, cakes, cookies, pancakes, dressings, tamales, pie crust, and more with White Lily flour.

White Lily Products

White Lily prides itself on its products that carry history, tradition, and love. Their secret of making the best flour has been passed down from generation to generation and delights all bakers and baking lovers for a long time.

White Lily manufactures the following products:

  • Traditional Flour: Enriched Bleached All-Purpose Flour, Enriched Bleached Self-Rising Flour, Enriched Unbleached Bread Flour, Enriched Unbleached Self-Rising Flour.
  • Cornmeal: Enriched Self-Rising White Corn Meal Mix, Enriched Self-Rising Buttermilk White Cornmeal Mix, Three Rivers Self-Rising Cornmeal Mix.

Our Top List 7 Best White Lily Bread Flour – Editor’s Choice

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1# White Lily Self Rising Bleached Flour – Amazon’s Choice

White Lily Self Rising Bleached Flour

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White lily self-rising flour is a product with which you can easily and correctly knead and roll the dough. This flour is made from pure red winter wheat and is quite low in gluten. This suggests that this flour is much healthier than wheat flour. I have used this flour to make cookies, cakes, and bread. And I can say that the cooking process went faster than using ordinary flour. My bread turned out to be magnificent and at the same time, I did not bother with the dough for a long time, as is usually the case with me. I sincerely advise everyone to try this flour and then you will understand what I mean.

2# White Lily All-Purpose Flour – Amazon’s Choice

White Lily All-Purpose Flour

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This White Lily all-purpose flour is a blend of soft and durum wheat. This flour is bleached, which means it is perfect for cookies and pies. However, in addition to this, it is suitable for other recipes of your favorite pastries. I will speak briefly about this type of flour. If you want to have flour in your kitchen that works for almost all recipes, then go for all-purpose flour. The baker should try to spoil the baked goods using this flour!

3# White Lily Unbleached Self Rising Flour – Amazon’s Choice

White Lily Unbleached Self Rising Flour

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I want to tell you about White Lily unbleached self-rising flour, which will be a savior in your kitchen. If you always forget to put in baking powder, just get this flour. It is an unbleached flour that matured naturally when ground. This flour is whitish in color and also has a denser grain than bleached flour.

4# White Lily Self Rising Flour – Amazon’s Choice

White Lily Self Rising Flour

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This flour is used by the best American bakers and I myself was convinced that this is the best that can happen to you. I have tried it with a variety of recipes and can say that it is best used in cookies, waffles, muffins, pancakes, cakes, muffins, and quick bread. Bread and biscuits are incredibly airy and aromatic.

5# White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour

White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour

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I think a lot of people know that in order to make great bread, flour must have a lot of gluten. Bread flour is specially designed for baking fluffy and crunchy bread. It has a high protein content and provides a high rise in the dough. You can bake not only bread with white lily bread flour but also pizza cakes and buns. I advise you not to stop there and experiment with other baked goods.

6# White Lily Self-Rising Buttermilk White Cornmeal Mix Enriched – Amazon’s Choice

White Lily Self-Rising Buttermilk

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I like this flour not only for its taste but also for its beneficial properties. Using cornmeal for cooking delicious dishes, you thereby, unnoticed for yourself, provide a great service to the cardiovascular system, normalize blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, strengthen teeth, gums, improve skin condition and complexion. Self-rising cornmeal makes great crumbly cookies, beautiful golden muffins, muffins, corn chips, pancakes, traditional Mexican tortillas.

7# White Lily Enriched White Self-Rising Cornmeal Mix Bag

White Lily Cornmeal Mix

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If you’ve ever tried to bake with cornflour, then you know how tender the baked goods are. This White Lily White Cornmeal Mix is made from whole white corn kernels with a light flour added. I’ve used this mix to make muffins, dressings, corn sticks, and even cakes.

What is Self-Rising Flour?

Self-rising flour is a premium wheat flour containing sodium bicarbonate (soda) and food acid. When kneading the dough, the components dissolve, and when baking, they interact, forming carbon dioxide, which loosens the dough. Usually, this flour is used in home baking to simplify the dosing of components; in serious enterprises, such products are not used. Quite widespread in the UK. Naturally, it is used for pastry baking, in particular for pancakes, where it is usually used.

For the production of such flour, high baking properties are not required, so manufacturers can use flour of low quality, with a low protein content for its production, which is positive for most confectionery products. During long-term storage, the components can interact with each other, as a result, the dough’s ability to rise is reduced. In the production of such flour, various types of acids or their salts can be used, with different neutralizing ability: tartar, calcium phosphate, sodium aluminophosphate, sodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, etc.

What to Replace?

If you don’t have self-rising flour on hand, this is not a problem, because it can be easily replaced with foods that are always at hand. So, this type of flour is most often replaced in the following proportions: for one glass of self-rising flour, take a glass of ordinary flour, and one teaspoon of baking powder. The baking powder can be replaced with soda quenched with vinegar.

How to Knead Self-Rising Flour Dough?

In order to knead the dough to prepare the desired dish, be it pancakes or pies, the main thing is to carefully observe the number of ingredients for the dough. It is much easier to cook with this flour because it replaces several components at once. The dough from such flour is prepared in almost the same way as with ordinary flour.

Bread Flour

Everyone knows what bread flour looks like – it differs from wheat flour in a darker shade and a low gluten content, so rye bread and buns retain their freshness for a long time. However, the lack of gluten affects the volume of baked goods – it is not so fluffy, denser, moist, with a sour taste, and in order to eliminate this deficiency, it is recommended to mix bread flour with wheat flour. In addition to bread, bread flour makes delicious gingerbread cookies, pancakes, tortillas, muffins, buns.

What is Bread Flour?

Bread is undoubtedly a very important product throughout the existence of all mankind. It has been baked since ancient times. But progress does not stand still and new types of flour appear, which greatly simplifies the process. Among them is white Lily bread flour.

After all, the quality of the flour directly depends on how the bread will turn out. Much depends on its gluten content. Good bread flour is the guarantee that the bread will turn out fluffy, tasty, ruddy, and fresh. Therefore, choosing bread flour should be careful.

What is the Difference Between Bread Flour and Other Types?

Bread flour is a special flour because it is intended specifically for baking bread. It is produced from winter and durum wheat and has a gluten content of about 13%. This flour contains a large number of plant fibers, and this allows the bread to keep its freshness for a long time.

What Flour To Use to Make Bread?

I sincerely believe that this is one of the most interesting things about making bread at home and that we can experiment with all kinds of flour: spelled, rye, Kamut, corn, buckwheat, barley, chestnut flour, from almonds, chickpeas … The variety of flours you can find on the market is incredible.

What is the Best Flour for Baking Bread?

Flour for baking bread is called bread flour (or medium-strength flour), which is flour with a protein content of 10 to 11%. But this does not mean that you will not be able to make bread from other flour. White lily self-rising flour or all-purpose flour and more are also suitable for baking bread.

The Importance of the Type of Flour We Make Bread From

Each type of flour has its own characteristics, taste, amount of protein, sweetness, density, hydration, so our bread will be completely different in almost all aspects depending on the flour we use.

We Can Mix the Flour in Baking Our Bread

This is very interesting because when flour is combined, a world of possibilities opens up before us. Since each type of flour has different properties, we can take advantage of both types in one preparation.

The Gluten Content of the Flour

The first step in cooking is to determine the strength of the flour. Strength is mainly its gluten content (the more strength, the more gluten).

I’ll tell you which aspects to consider when choosing:

  • Flour with a protein content of less than 9%, this is the weakest flour, it is used for the preparation of pastries, mainly for making cookies and cakes, it does not produce a very elastic dough, it is not suitable for baking bread.
  • Flour containing 10% to 11% protein is known as a bread flour par excellence and is very difficult to find in supermarkets and is recommended for homemade bread. However, you can purchase it from the White Lily brand.
  • Flour with a protein content of more than 11% is a very strong flour, it is used in bakery doughs enriched with sugar and fat, for example, which needs to be kneaded a lot to make it elastic.


White Lily brand is one of the best brands. I advise you to try every White Lily Flour on my list. However, what I want to highlight the most is White Lily Self Rising Bleached Flour. I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done in baking. This flour has everything you need for a good dough. Even the most forgetful and absent-minded will not be able to spoil their cake or bread with this flour!

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