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Caputo Flour

For more than 80 years, the Caputo company, based near the city of Naples, has been producing high-quality flour for culinary professionals from all over the world. The hallmark of the company is a special technology of flour grinding. Professionals call it “slow grind”. All Caputo products are made without the use of chemical additives: dyes, flavors, clarifiers, etc. Before grinding flour is thoroughly tested and checked in accordance with EU standards.

The range of Caputo is wide enough and exceeds 30 items. The main types are Manitoba flour, Super, Type 1, soft and durum wheat flour, gluten-free flour. In my review, you can find the most popular types of flour from which you can easily make dough for Neapolitan pizza, spaghetti, French muffins, pancakes, bread, etc. Antimo Caputo flour is the choice of chefs and chefs around the world!

Antimo Caputo Flour

Neapolitan flour is the power of tradition. In these two phrases, the main secret of the Antimo Caputo is hidden, a historic Neapolitan company led by the third dynasty of the Caputo family, which develops its products based on the strength of the family, loyalty to tradition, knowledge, and experience. These values ​​are embedded in the production of a wide range of flours aimed at specialists in the preparation of pizza, pastry, pasta, and other products.

The history of Molino Caputo begins in 1924, when Carmine Caputo, returning from the USA, founds the first mill and pasta production in Capua. After his death, the reins of the small company passed into the hands of his son Antimo, who in 1939 acquired the San Giovanni mill in Teduccio, the site of the current main plant of the company, nowadays managed by the sons Eugenio and Carmine, and his grandson Antimo.

From the very beginning Molino Caputo appreciates and tries to emphasize the uniqueness of traditional Italian cooking, “white art” from the preparation of Neapolitan pizza, bread, pasta to confectionery art, and strictly follows the main rules: the correct combination of wheat varieties, mixing grain, without any additives, getting a simple, pure product but consistently of the highest quality.

The Caputo Method – Tradition and Innovation

Since its inception, Caputo has been using the slow grinding method, like an old mill, to produce the highest quality flour without damaging the important components of the grain.

Caputo’s products are exclusively natural, as the processed grain is carefully selected and processed without the addition of any chemical additives.

Different varieties of wheat are mixed in certain proportions, grown mainly in the regions of Umbria, Marche, as well as other regions of Italy, in order to obtain the basis of our product, to which is then added grain from Northern Europe, in particular from France, Germany, and Finland.

In the laboratories of Caputo, analyzes and studies of doughs are constantly being carried out – in this way the ideal combination of grain varieties for the production of a particular flour is revealed. After laboratory research, the brand starts mixing wheat varieties, the whole process takes place using the latest technologies that guarantee the best quality of the final product.

Our Top List 7 Best Antimo Caputo 00 Flour & Pizzeria Flour – Editor’s Choice

Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour 2.2 LB (Pack of 2) - Italian Double Zero 00 - Soft Wheat for Pizza Dough, Bread, & PastaAntimo CaputoBuy on Amazon
Antimo Caputo Americana Pizzeria Flour Great for Conventional Ovens, 80 Ounce (5 Pound Bag) RepackAntimo CaputoBuy on Amazon
Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour for Authentic Pizza Dough, 80 OunceAntimo CaputoBuy on Amazon
Antimo Caputo Gluten Free Pizza Flour 2.2lb - All Natural Multi Purpose Flour & Starch Blend for Baking Pizza, Bread, & PastaAntimo CaputoBuy on Amazon
Antico Molino Napoli Antimo Caputo '00' Flour 2.2 Lb (Pack of 4)Antimo CaputoBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour 55 LB Blue Bulk Bag - Italian Double Zero 00 - All Natural Wheat for Authentic Pizza Dough, Bread, & PastaAntimo CaputoBuy on Amazon

1# Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour – Italian Double Zero 00 – Soft Wheat for Pizza Dough & Bread & Pasta – Amazon’s Choice

Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour

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I present to your attention a wonderful Italian flour from the manufacturer Caputo. Flour Caputo type 00, 1kg each bag is made from carefully selected wheat varieties to become an ideal base for traditional Neapolitan pizza. Increasing the amount of gluten of the highest quality ensures a stable and elastic dough at all times. In addition, the meticulous research and development of Caputo’s specialists will allow you to always obtain the perfect end product with a unique and traditional taste.

Ideal for all types of baked goods: pastry, bread, pizza, all kinds of pies and pastries, especially recommended for baking and confectionery with a long levitation period. The finished dough made from this flour, due to the increased WW factor (gluten content), when stored in the refrigerator, retains elasticity and is ideal for working for 24 hours from the moment of kneading.

2# Antimo Caputo 00 Americana Pizza Flour Molino Caputo – Amazon’s Choice

Antimo Caputo Americana Pizza Flour

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If you love going to a pizzeria, now you have a unique opportunity to purchase flour with which you will be able to cook a real Italian pizza at home. Most people have ovens that are capable of heating up to 500-550 degrees. This Caputo Flour contains large amounts of malted wheat as well as other types of wheat. This allows you to get crispy in a conventional oven.

3# Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour Blue Repack – Italian Double Zero 00 Flour for Authentic Pizza Dough – Amazon’s Choice

Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour

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You will have a delicious and flavorful pizza with this 100% wheat flour. It allows you to create a particularly elastic, puffy dough capable of active growth and contains the highest possible amount of protein. This antimo caputo pizzeria flour is also suitable for making pasta, cakes, and loaves of bread.

4# Antimo Caputo Gluten-Free Pizza Flour – All Natural Multi-Purpose Flour & Starch Blend for Baking Pizza & Bread & Pasta – Amazon’s Choice

Antimo Caputo Gluten-Free Pizza Flour

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Many people believe that the same type of flour can be used to make a variety of pastries and crispy pizzas. In fact, this is not the case. Different products differ significantly in characteristics. For pizza, Antimo Caputo Gluten-Free Pizza Flour is a good option. It contains minerals. There are very few of them, only 0.55%. Therefore, the flour is of high quality, allows you to cook pastries with a thin aromatic crust. This flour is suitable for people with gluten intolerance, as it is not present in the flour.

5# Antico Molino Napoli Antimo Caputo ’00’ Flour

Antimo Caputo Chef's Flour

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Flour straight from Italy. Antimo Caputo is Italian soft wheat flour. Flour of the highest quality with a high content of proteins (proteins), which has a particularly airy texture and snow-white color. Antimo caputo pizzeria flour is ideal for professional and home-made baked goods, from French croissants and breakfast rolls to traditional Italian Panettone Easter cake and Easter Colomba. You will receive 4 packs at an attractive price!

6# Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour Blue – #1 New Release

Antimo Caputo Professionals Pizzeria Flour

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This Caputo flour is formulated by the manufacturer for making fresh pasta, crispy pizza, and ravioli. The high level of gluten and elasticity will give you excellent results and pleasure to work with this flour. This flour is suitable for gas, electric, and wood stoves that heat up to 700 ° F. You will receive 2 packs of flour at an affordable price. Each package weighs 11LB.

7# Antimo Caputo Pizzeria Flour Blue Bulk Bag – Italian Double Zero 00 – All Natural Wheat for Authentic Pizza Dough & Bread & Pasta

Antimo Caputo Dough Pizzeria

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This is 100% wheat flour that every hobbyist and culinary professional should have. This Antimo Caputo pizzeria flour has excellent gluten content, perfect for baking pizzas, bread, and pasta. The pizza made with this Caputo pizzeria flour has a crispy crust. Flour adds flavor to your meal. Great for restaurants and pizzerias that need a comfortable size and versatility. Use flour when cooking in ovens heated to 700° F.

Some Tips for Choosing Quality Flour

  • Do not buy flour in plastic bags, in which it cannot breathe – only paper ones. Check the shelf life (no more than a year).
  • The correct color of wheat flour is white (light cream and yellowish notes are possible). Redness indicates that bran is present in the flour, a blue tint indicates the presence of weed seeds and/or unripe wheat grains. If the flour darkens during storage, it has deteriorated. You can dilute a teaspoon of flour in water. A light suspension will indicate high-quality flour, a dark suspension – bad.
  • The taste of high-quality wheat flour is delicate, often with a sweetish aftertaste. If there is bitterness in the taste, then the flour is stale; the taste of the mold speaks for itself.
  • Place some flour between your teeth to find out if it crunches or not: crunching indicates foreign impurities, usually sand. If the flour lingers in your mouth, this indicates an excess of gluten, which is not bad at all – but not always good for baking.
  • Rub the flour between your fingers. High-quality wheat flour will squeak. If the flour does not creak, and even sticks to the hand, then it has absorbed too much moisture.

How to Choose the Right Pizza Flour?

Is it really true that the type of flour you use is as important to making your pizza as the oven in which you cook it? Remember that the choice of flour when making pizza is the most important and crucial moment at the entire stage of creating this culinary masterpiece. Choosing flour may not seem like a big deal, but it is the flour that determines what your pizza will look like and if it will work at all.

What flour to choose for making pizza? So, in order to decide which flour is right for you and your pizza, it is important to understand the differences between the existing types of flour, including the very purpose of flour: flour for bread, for pizza, or flour for pastry. For example, pastry flour is softer and more silk-like in texture, while bread flour is much coarser.

The difference in texture is determined by such a component as the amount of gluten. Confectionery flour has a very low gluten content (8-10%), which makes it “soft”, bread flour has a high gluten content (12-14%), which makes it “heavy” or “strong”. Gluten is a protein that, when wet, turns into an elastic structure, and this is what gives flour products chewy and elastic characteristics at the same time. During the kneading process, the dough traps the bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2) formed by fermentation of the yeast into gluten strands, which in turn allows the dough to rise. The amount of gluten in flour determines how pliable and chewy your bread will be.

By now, you are surely convinced that choosing the right type of flour is the very first step towards making a great pizza. While it is impossible to give a definite answer as to which flour will be the best for pizza, there are significant differences between the types that must be taken into account before following any recipe. Each type of flour will give your dough a different consistency, and then it’s up to you and your taste to choose which pizza base you prefer.

Italian flour is classified according to the following designations: 2, 1, 0, and 00. Which corresponds to the fineness of grinding 2 – the coarsest, 00 – the softest and best. Most Italian bakers and pizza makers often use a mixture of different types of flour in order to benefit from the specific characteristics of each type; hardness, elasticity, lightness, strength, fragility, fluffiness, etc.

00 flour is processed from the center of the grain and has a pure white color. It is ideal for the most delicate culinary products such as cakes, rolls, desserts, soft bread, and pasta. 0 flour contains part of the husk, is processed from the outer layer of the grain, its color is slightly darker and it is coarser in structure. This extra strength makes it ideal for most types of bread and pasta, and many chefs successfully use it as a pizza base.

The more the outer layer of grain is used, the darker the flour is. Types 1 and 2 have good elasticity and strength, are suitable for pizza and bread, but are more commonly used as mixed with light types of flour. If all grain is used, we get whole grain flour.

As a summary:

  • Use 00 flour for pasta, pastry, cakes, and the famous bechamel sauce.
  • Use 0 flour for pasta, bread, and pizza base.
  • Use types 1 and 2 for bread and pizza bases as well (0 and 1 or 2 often work well).


Antimo Caputo produces flours that are designed for professionals and housewives, guaranteeing very high productivity and very high-quality results for all types of processing, from bread to pizza, from desserts to fresh pasta.

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