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Cookie Press

If you are a sweet tooth, a good cookie press will be a real treat for you. Especially if the press is easy to use and also has a wide range of discs for making cookies of all kinds. And also made of materials that are durable and easy to clean.

Our Top List 12 Picks Best Cookie Presses – Editor’s Choice

Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker Cookie Press, Made in Italy, Includes 20 Disc Shapes, BlackMARCATOBuy on Amazon
OXO Good Grips Cookie Press Holiday Disk SetOXOBuy on Amazon
Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press, 13-PieceWiltonBuy on Amazon
Cookie Press Maker Kit for DIY Biscuit Maker and Decoration with 20 Stainless Steel Cookie discs and 4 nozzlesYOOUSOOBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit, Stainless Steel Biscuit Press Cookie Gun Set with 20 Cookie discs and 4 nozzles for DIY Biscuit Maker and Churro MakerGood HelperBuy on Amazon
Edge Cook Spritz-Cookie-Press-Gun-Kit 20 Disc with 8 Icing Tips: Sturdy-Stainless-Steel - Works Even with Arthritis - Ideal for Holidays-Baking-Biscuit, Cake, Churro, Cookie MakerEdge CookBuy on Amazon
Mirro Cookie Cooky and Pastry PressMirroBuy on Amazon
Halloween 8 Disk Set for Cookie PressesImpress BakewareBuy on Amazon
(DISCONTINUED) Cookie PressZulay KitchenBuy on Amazon
Cookie Press,Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit, DIY Biscuit maker and Churro Maker with 20 Decorative Stencil Discs and 4 Icing Tips for Funny Kitchen-By ZZmxZZmxBuy on Amazon
28-Piece Cookies Press Gun Kit Set DIY Biscuit Maker with 16 Discs, 6 Icing Decorating Tips, 2 Macaroon Baking Mat Sheets, 2 Cleaning Brushes and 150ML Measuring Cup for Cookies, Cakes and BiscuitsZNCMRRBuy on Amazon

I suggest looking at the 12 best cookie press with which you can make interesting and delicious cookies. I used them all in business and made sure that these things deserve to be bought by you. These are high-quality cookie presses that are made from durable materials and will allow you to make creative cookies.

1# Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

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Marcato Atlas is a renowned Italian brand with quality kitchen utensils. However, cookie presses in his arsenal are the most popular. This luxurious model, for example, is an industrial press made of stainless steel, aluminum. The material is durable. It also has a sleek finish that is scratch and dent resistant for years.

In terms of style, Marcato Atlas Deluxe is one of the best cookie press on the market. Plus, if you’re looking for a high-performance press, it outperforms the most similar products in many ways. For example, thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design, you can easily maneuver during use. It is also easy to load and operate and has 20 replaceable discs made of BPA-free stainless steel.

You can make cookies in different sizes. To do this, just turn the knob. All parts of this device can also be washed by hand. Hot soapy water can easily clean up debris without compromising structure or performance. You will also receive a booklet with instructions and a 10-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

  • Replaceable discs (20 pcs)

  • Setting cookie sizes

  • Durable materials

  • Not dishwasher safe

2# OXO Good Grips Christmas Disk Set – #1 Best Seller

OXO Good Grips Christmas Disk Set

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If you own a cookie press from the OXO brand, then you have a great opportunity to purchase Christmas cookie discs. The set includes 6 discs such as “Star”, “Snowflake”, “Joy”, “Santa”, “Snowman”, and “Bow”. They are made from durable materials such as stainless steel. This material does not rust and thus prolongs the use of the discs. Delight your family and friends with a creative Christmas sweet treat!

  • Durable discs

  • Easy to install

  • Interesting shapes

  • Only for OXO cookie press

3# Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

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To make delicious cookies, do the following. First, find out how to make or choose the best dough. You should also look for mouth-watering recipes and buy quality press such as the Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press. It is easy to use. It’s also spacious and has a well-designed handle that works efficiently. Round cookies are boring.

If you’re struggling with this issue, this cookie press is one of the best defenses. 12 discs work well. They are also durable and made from materials that don’t contain chemicals. It also has a non-stick inner coating for increased efficiency and a non-slip bottom for added safety. It comes ready to use. All you have to do is fill it in with dough and choose your favorite cookie shape.

  • Rugged design

  • Anti-slip bottom

  • Interesting cookie shapes

  • Inconsistent dough dispensing mechanism

4# YOOUSOO Cookie Press Maker Kit

YOOUSOO Cookie Press Maker Kit

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Your friends and family will love your cookies with this cookie press. You can now create unusual decorated cookies without leaving your home. For a variety of shapes, the manufacturer offers you 20 discs, as well as 4 icing attachments. The device is safe for your health. It is made only from quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and ABS.

  • Can be disassembled for cleaning

  • For users of any level

  • 20 removable discs

  • Discs can bend over time

5# Emoly Cookie Press

Emoly Cookie Press

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Are you tired of the shapeless cookies you make every time you cook breakfast for your family? To improve your results, you just need to purchase Emoly Cookie Press. This is an affordable device. It is also effective and has a non-slip base, which increases the safety of its users.

You will never have a problem using this press. Above all, its lightweight design is fun to use. It also dispenses dough cleanly and efficiently, which most people enjoy. Like most similar devices, it has 20 removable cookie dicks. If you love experimenting with different shapes while cooking, this is one of the best devices to use.

  • Easy to clean and use

  • Inexpensive price

  • 20 Discs and 4 icing tips

  • Fragile handle

6# Good Helper Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit – #1 New Release

Good Helper Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit

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Do you have a big family? Do you like to eat cookies for breakfast or as a snack? If you are tired of the cookies you buy, cook yourself. It’s not as difficult as some people think. You will need a new press from the Good Helper brand. Fully loaded, it will cook up to 30 delicious cookies.

This is a top-quality cookie press that makes cookie baking a pleasure. You will enjoy using it for many reasons. For example, thanks to its lightweight design, most people can easily handle it. Doesn’t require any special skills. The 20 steel discs you get are also fun to use. They have interesting shapes. Its installation, removal, and cleaning is simple.

  • 4 glaze tips and 20 discs

  • Can be washed in the dishwasher

  • Easy loading

  • You will not be able to see how much test is left

7# Edge Cook Spritz-Cookie-Press

Edge Cook Spritz-Cookie-Press

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Make your dream cookie. All you need is a quality kitchen press like the Edge Cook. This device is fast and will cook a variety of well-formed cookies in a few minutes when loaded. It also comes with 20 stainless steel discs to customize the shape of your cookie and 8 decorative frosting tips. All its components work without problems.

The press is made of stainless steel and ABS which makes it a durable device. The press is easy to use. This sets it apart from some of the bad models that frustrate people over time. Its lightweight construction, for example, does not require skills or a lot of effort to work. Works well in home and commercial kitchens.

  • 20 discs and 8 icing tips

  • Provides ergonomic grip action

  • The dough may get stuck

8# Mirro Cookie Cooky and Pastry Press

Mirro Cookie Cooky and Pastry Press

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For fear of failure, many people avoid baking cookies at home. A versatile cookie press such as Mirro will help you bake tasty and unusual cookies. Its designs go well with kitchens. It is a sturdy aluminum model. Such material is difficult to scratch. The risk of dents or warping over time is also low if used correctly. For beginners and children, this is ideal.

Finally, all of the parts are BPA-free. Some people love big, soft cookies. Others like it subtle and crisp with heart or floral designs. Whatever group you belong to, this press will meet your needs. It is compact and easy to handle. The 12 design discs he supplies are also priceless. You can install and uninstall them easily.

  • It also has 3 pastry tips

  • Durable aluminum

  • Unusual shapes

  • Quite expensive

9# Impress Bakeware Halloween 8 Disk Set for Cookie Presses

Impress Bakeware Halloween 8 Disk Set

View on Amazon

If you’re looking for cool themed cookie press disks, you’ve already found them! They are suitable for making Halloween cookies. You will get 8 discs such as Bat, Arched Cat, Ghost, Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin, Spider, Witch Hat, Spooky Owl. You will also receive recipes and tips for decorating your cookies!

  • Made from safe BPA free materials

  • Great price

  • Doesn’t work with all cookie press

10# Zulay Kitchen Classic Cookie Press

Zulay Kitchen Classic Cookie Press

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Baking cookies can be even more fun for you than before. It will become especially interesting for your children with the help of this quality cookie press. This is easy to fill with dough. You can get about 40 small and 25 large cookies in one batch thanks to the ergonomic lever. You will receive 20 creative discs, as well as 4 glaze tips.

  • Easy to change cookie disks

  • Quality materials

  • Can be used not only for sweet but also salty recipes

  • Hard to use with one hand

11# ZZmx Cookie Press

ZZmx Cookie Press

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Now you have the opportunity to make your own cookies like in the best pastry shops. Decorate your cookies as you want with a cookie press with 20 interchangeable disks. And decorate them with 4 icing tips. You will not have difficulty cleaning this device. This is easy to do due to the fact that every part of the press is separated. Use the pen to select the size of the cookie.

  • You will receive a recipe booklet

  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum

  • Easy to clean

  • It may work worse over time

12# ZNCMRR Cookies Press Gun Kit Set

ZNCMRR Cookies Press Gun Kit Set

View on Amazon

It is safe for making delicious and creative cookies. This is a great kitchen device that is very easy to use. You can make cookies of various shapes with children. The cookie press is made of polypropylene and the discs are made of ABS. You can disassemblе press to clean it up or load it quickly and easily. The press has a transparent barrel so you can see the amount of dough remaining. You will receive 16 creative cookie discs.

  • In addition to discs, the set includes 2 cleaning brushes, 6 decorating tips, 2 silicone baking mats, and a 150 ML measuring cup.

  • Affordable price

  • Safety of use

  • Not as durable as other models

What is Cookie Press?

This device, known as cookie press, is gaining popularity, especially when children enjoy being involved in cooking. A cookie press is a device that holds the cookie dough and has removable discs that make the cookies have a specific shape like a star, heart, flower, shell, etc.

How Does Cookie Press Work?

The cookie press is very easy to use. First, select the drive that will ultimately determine the look of the cookie. The dough made in parallel or in advance is loaded into a container for the press. It is important to ensure that the spout or tube is not completely filled with dough. It should be noted here that the shaft must also be inserted into a stainless steel or aluminum housing.

According to the laws of physics, mass, and pressure, this core displaces the amount of dough into the bottom of the confectionery press, literally squeezes it. This is how cookie press works. It doesn’t matter what material it is made of. If you have an electric cookie press, this works completely automatically at the click of a button. Then the dough moves along the pipe to the nozzle. The dough is pushed through this nozzle and various forms of cookies are created.

What To Look For In The Best Cookie Presses?

  • Material. Companies use different materials to make a cookie press. Stainless steel, for example, is common for its durability and aesthetic appeal. High-strength plastics like polycarbonate are also common due to their availability. Consider this thing before purchasing it. Your choice should be long-term. It should also be free of contaminants such as BPA.
  • Design. Basically, you will find two types of cookies. Electric presses have automated systems that are effortless to use. However, they are expensive. Users also lose control over the cooking process. On the other hand, hand presses are cheap and easy to use. They are also portable. It benefits people who relax in nature or travel often. Buy the type of press that works best for you.
  • Ease of use. Preparing food at home should be easy and enjoyable. Therefore, buying a cookie press that will upset you is one of the worst decisions you can make. Once you’ve chosen the type of cookie press you want, check out its ease of use. You should be able to easily load and distribute the dough. Also, look for a product that you can easily customize and clean.
  • Variety of discs. Choose a cookie press with a wide variety of discs (preferably stainless steel, which lasts longer and better clean up), although you can always add attachments if you like.

What is the Difference Between the Cookie Press and Pastry Syringe?

Compared to a pastry syringe, the press works with higher pressure and therefore can also handle tighter doughs. Shortbread cookies can also be prepared using a pastry syringe, but these models are mainly used for processing creams or other garnish products. Often, the bag of pipes is simply filled and the contents are pushed through the hole attached below.

However, this method is not suitable for a very hard test. Also, the cookie press mainly uses discs that can be changed. Thus, the dough can be pressed through different holes, which leads to different results. You can form splash rings, squiggles, or different types of Christmas cookies.


The cookie press is available in different versions. Depending on how much energy you want to use, you can choose an electric or manual cookie press. There are various materials, as well as some significant price differences, which depend on whether it is a manual or electric drive model or a model made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. In any case, this device allows you to prepare a creative and interesting cookie that will appeal not only to children but also to adults!

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