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How to Choose The Best Kitchen Scale for Cooking and Baking

Are you interested in cooking and baking in your free time? Then high-quality kitchen scales are indispensable utensils for your kitchen. Many recipes depend on the exact ratio of components. Ingredients can be weighed up to a gram. Delicious cakes, yeast dough, or crispy pizza will work without problems with good digital kitchen scales.

Thus, you work exactly according to the recipe, and every cookie or dish succeeds in an instant. If you want to buy a kitchen scale, you must pay attention to various quality criteria. In the course of my comparison of kitchen scales, I have chosen for you 11 of the best models that everyone can afford.

Our Top 11 Picks Best Kitchen Scale – Editor’s Choice

Available kitchen scales differ, among other things, in the maximum load capacity and scope of functions and equipment. If you are looking for the perfect scale for weighing flour and other ingredients, then you have come to the right place. My buying tips will guide and help you find the best kitchen scale for your home.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display, Batteries IncludedAmazonBasicsBuy on Amazon
Accuweight 207 Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale for Cooking with Large Back-lit LCD Display,Easy to Clean with Precision Measuring,Tempered Glass (Silver)ACCUWEIGHTBuy on Amazon
GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale, Multifunction Scale Measures in Grams and Ounces (Ash Grey)Greater GoodsBuy on Amazon
Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, BlackOzeriBuy on Amazon
Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Grams and oz for Cooking Baking, 1g/0.1oz Precise Graduation, Stainless Steel and Tempered GlassNicewellBuy on Amazon
Digital Kitchen Scale with Wide Stainless Steel Plateform High Accuracy Multifunction Food Scale with LCD Display for Baking Kitchen Cooking,Tare & Auto Off Function (Red)NUTRI FITBuy on Amazon
OXO Good Grips 11 Pound Food Scale with Pull-Out Display, Stainless SteelOXOBuy on Amazon
Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, BlackHarioBuy on Amazon
TOMIBA Digital Kitchen Food Scale 11 lb Grams and Ounces Small Stainless Steel Backlit Silver Batteries IncludedTomibaBuy on Amazon
GDEALER Food Scale, 0.001oz Precise Digital Kitchen Scale Gram Scales Weight Food Coffee Scale Digital Scales for Cooking Baking Stainless Steel Back-lit LCD Display Pocket Small Scale, SilverGDEALERBuy on Amazon
AccuWeight 201 Digital Multifunction Meat Food Scale with LCD Display for Baking Kitchen Cooking, 11lb Capacity by 0.1oz, Tempered GlassACCUWEIGHTBuy on Amazon
1byone Digital Food Kitchen Scale 11 Lb, Weight Grams and oz for Cooking Baking, 1g/0.1oz Precise, 6.1x5.5inch Chrome Plated Platform1 BY ONEBuy on Amazon
Digital Food Scale, 11 lbs TNO Kitchen Scale with 1g/0.03oz Precise Graduation, LCD Display Scale for Cooking/Baking in KG, G, oz, lb, ml and Milk ml, Stainless Steel Silver (Batteries Included)TNOBuy on Amazon
Ozeri ZK24 Garden and Kitchen Scale, with 0.5 g (0.01 oz) Precision Weighing TechnologyOzeriBuy on Amazon

1# AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale – #1 Best Seller

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

View on Amazon

This is one of the simplest and most affordable kitchen scales on the market. Moreover, they have a fairly wide surface and excellent functionality. You can measure up to 5 kg on them, and the minimum weight of your product should be 2 grams. The scales are round in shape.

They are convenient in that they can weigh products in any container. You can zero the tare and thereby find out the exact weight of your ingredient. Such scales are what you need for bulk products, especially for flour. They are battery-powered. It is convenient and doesn’t require plugging into a power outlet. They are made of stainless steel which is one of the most durable materials. You clearly see all your measurements thanks to the LCD screen.

  • You can find out the weight in different dimensions: ounces, pounds, and grams

  • The presence of the tare button

  • Made of durable material

  • Slightly unstable

2# Accuweight 207 Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale – Amazon’s Choice

Accuweight 207 Digital Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

View on Amazon

You can use this Accuweight digital kitchen scale for weighing products. It is made in silver color, made of plastic, and equipped with a weighing surface of tempered safety glass. Maximum load of 5 kg. The Accuweight kitchen scale is powered by two AAA batteries. They are included in the scope of delivery of the balance.

The units that are available on this kitchen scale include grams, milliliters, pounds, ounces, and fluid ounces. The model has an automatic shutdown. Kitchen scales are also equipped with a zeroing function. You can use this function to reset the kitchen scale to zero.

  • LCD comes with a backlight

  • Material is safe

  • Bulk and liquid ingredients can be measured

  • Minimum load of 5 grams

3# GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale – Amazon’s Choice

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

View on Amazon

Do you want to bake perfect bread or muffins? Then you definitely need a GreaterGoods kitchen scale. They begin to weigh from 1 gram. Not all scales have such a function, which makes this model unique.

GreaterGoods Kitchen Scale

You can weigh up to 11 pounds with this device. They have a wide and bright display so you will clearly see the measurement values.

  • Display readability

  • Affordable price

  • Ability to weigh up to 11 pounds

  • Too small surface

4# Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale – Amazon’s Choice

Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Multifunction Kitchen Scale

View on Amazon

Do you want an attractive but easy to use a kitchen scale? Then look no further! These scales have a very small error and are able to measure any ingredients for your culinary masterpieces. To make the bread perfect, you need to add the exact amount of ingredients. These scales do an excellent job of this. You will see the result on the LCD screen which shows in large print the values. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to clean the scales.

  • Comes with batteries

  • Automatic subtracts the weight of your plate

  • 5 units

  • Looks flimsy

5# Nicewell Food Scale – Amazon’s Choice

Nicewell Food Scale

View on Amazon

If you want to measure even the smallest and lightest ingredients, then this is what you need. Their minimum load is 0.1 oz. You can measure bulk ingredients such as sugar, flour, salt, and others, as well as liquid ingredients. Any prepared meals, meat, cereals, and more.

Nicewell Food Digital Kitchen Scale

The maximum weight that they can weigh is 22 pounds. This is quite a lot compared to many other models. Find out the weight of products in various dimensions such as ounces, grams, kilograms, milliliters. They have a smooth surface and are made of stainless steel.

  • Start measuring from 0.1 lbs

  • They show weight in different units

  • Have a noticeable margin of error

6# NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale

NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale

View on Amazon

This is an attractive kitchen scale with a stylish design. They have a round shape that allows you to accommodate a large plate for weighing the ingredients. If you are looking for scales for measuring flour, then this is what you need.

NUTRI FIT Kitchen Scale

They will serve you for many years and don’t require special care because of stainless steel. Your fingerprints will not be visible and you will not have to wipe them every time. If you sprinkled flour on the scales, then you can quickly remove it with a slightly damp rag.

  • Has a division of 0.1 oz

  • Easy to clean

  • Bright LCD-display

  • Not a good battery indicator

7# OXO 1130800 Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

OXO 1130800 Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

View on Amazon

Do you want an accurate result, then take a look at this model of weights. They have a step of 1/8 ounces which means that they have almost no margin of error. You will appreciate their display that can be pushed back. This is necessary if a large bowl obscures it and you see the measurement result poorly.

  • A detachable platform for easy cleaning

  • Battery operated

  • Large backlit display

  • Quite expensive

8# Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

View on Amazon

If you are looking for a coffee scale, this is ideal. They are equipped with a timer that allows you to control the weight while making a coffee drink. You can also use them to weigh other products for accurate cooking. They also automatically turn off after 5 minutes. However, this will not work if you turn on the timer.

  • Timer availability

  • Easy to use

  • Auto shut off

  • I wish they were stronger

9# TOMIBA Digital Kitchen Food Scale

TOMIBA Digital Kitchen Food Scale

View on Amazon

TOMIBA kitchen scales are silver-colored digital scales powered by AAA batteries. It can weigh up to 5 kg. This is done using four precision sensors. The division is 1 gram. So the kitchen scale is pretty accurate. It is positive that scales measure from 1 gram.

Therefore, you can ideally use them, for example, for measuring spices and oils. With this kitchen scale, you can read the measurement results digitally on the LCD. Other functions include the tare function, which allows you to reset the scale to zero, and they have automatically shut off. This scale also offers the ability to change the unit of measure. Measurements are possible in grams, milliliters, ounces, and pounds.

  • Made of stainless steel

  • Bright display

  • Auto power off after 2 minutes

  • A large bowl will close the display

10# GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

GDEALER DS1 Pocket Kitchen Multifunction Scale

View on Amazon

Do you need scales for perfect baking? Then you have already found them! Measure flour, sugar, water, yeast, and other ingredients for the perfect bread or cake. It has a stainless steel weight plate and offers a high-quality design. This digital scale is designed for a maximum of 5 kg. Calculates weight fairly accurately.

  • Backlit LCD for night use

  • Lightweight

  • Different units

  • They break quickly enough compared to other scales

11# Vont Digital Kitchen Scale

Vont Digital Kitchen Scale

View on Vont

Vont kitchen scales are made in silver, and their modern design will fit perfectly with any kitchen. It has a stainless steel weight plate and offers a high-quality design. This digital scale is designed for a maximum of 11 pounds.

Vont Kitchen Scale

They are equipped with an automatic shutdown function, have an LCD screen with bright backlight, and don’t allow you to leave your fingerprints. This is the perfect device for measuring any ingredients. Bake with pleasure!

  • They turn off after 2 minutes if not used

  • 4 accuracy sensors

  • Easy to scratch the surface

What Are the Kitchen Scales?

You can use a kitchen scale to weigh different foods. As a rule, this gives you the opportunity to determine the weight of flour, sugar, butter, and many other ingredients. This may prevent you from adding too many or too few ingredients during cooking or baking. For example, when weighing, you can avoid too salty dishes.

Many models can be used not only as food scales. They are also often suitable for weighing other items. You can use some kitchen scales, for example, to weigh packages, letters, and/or precious metals. This is a compact device that doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen but will bring many benefits.

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What Should I Look for in a Kitchen Scale?

There are many criteria that play a role when buying a kitchen scale. If you want to find the best device, then you should consider them when choosing. The best kitchen scales are perfect for you and your needs. I present several criteria that you should check when buying this thing. These include:


Some digital kitchen scales have a stainless steel surface or are made entirely of stainless steel. These models usually look quality. In addition, stainless steel is less susceptible to rust. Other kitchen scales have a glass surface. This is often a safety glass. For this, numerous digital kitchen scales are at least to some extent made of plastic. Analog kitchen scale made of plastic or steel.

Exact Division

It shows how accurately a kitchen scale can measure. Many devices are partially equipped with a fine division of 20 grams. This exact division means that the balance measures and displays the weight with an error of 20 grams. Some of the analog kitchen scales are even less accurate and have a division of 50 grams.

convenient size and design

However, digital kitchen scales measure weight more accurately. The exact division of these models is often 1 gram. If you want even more accurate division, you can choose a model with an exact division of 0.1 grams. It should be noted that extremely accurate kitchen scales are usually associated with a higher purchase price.

Max Payload

The maximum load capacity describes the capacity of a kitchen scale. Many of them can carry up to 5 kg. This is usually enough if you want to use a kitchen scale only for cooking and baking. If you primarily want to weigh light food, you can use a kitchen scale with even lower carrying capacity.

For example, a 3 kg kitchen scale is sufficient for many applications. There are also models with a maximum load capacity of up to 15 kg and above. With this kitchen scale, you can weigh heavier items, such as packages.

Minimum Payload

The minimum load capacity indicates which gram the kitchen scales react to. Most kitchen scales measure weight only when the scale is at least 5 grams. For example, if you want to weigh oil or spices, a kitchen scale must respond from the first gram.

The Size

You should also look at the size of the kitchen scale. Digital kitchen scales are ideal if you are limited in space in your kitchen. They are usually compact. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the weighing surface is large enough to fit large bowls on it. If you want to buy a digital kitchen scale, you should also pay attention to the LCD. It should also be large enough and backlit.

Function Range

You can use a kitchen scale to weigh products. In addition to the main function, many models have other functions. This is especially true for digital kitchen scales. For example, they are usually equipped with the automatic shutdown, the so-called tare function, a battery level indicator. Many kitchen scales can also display time.


Many digital kitchen scales are simply designed and made in white, gray, silver, or black. However, there are models with a more attractive design. But I also want to note that appearance isn’t the primary criterion for selection.

Weighing Bowl

Some kitchen scales have a bowl. Such weighing scales can be practical. Because this bowl is precisely designed for the design and dimensions of the scales. However, this bowl has a certain amount of filling, which isn’t enough for every purpose. Therefore, it is important that you can remove the bowl. In addition, it is much easier to clean the removable bowl. The weighing bowl is often even suitable for a dishwasher.

Work Mode

If you want a digital kitchen scale, you should check the operation mode. Many models are battery-powered. You can often control them from batteries and, alternatively, from the mains. If you emphasize environmental friendliness, you can use a solar-powered kitchen scale. It is equipped with solar panels, so neither a battery nor a power supply is required for operation.


If you want the perfect baking, you have to put the exact amount of ingredients. For this, you need a kitchen scale. You will find many worthy models on the market, but spend hours searching for the best solution for you. I suggest you take a look at 11 models that meet all the requirements of the best kitchen scales. Save your time and choose now!

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